3 Reasons to Stay With Satellite TV

In the 2020s we are absolutely flush with entertainment choices at home. If the past year has proven anything to us, it’s that there’s very little you can’t do at home. And yet, there have been a few folks out there who have said some pretty harsh things about satellite television. It’s time to talk about the other side of the coin – why satellite television should be part of your home entertainment package now and in the future.

Cards on the table

Direct-to-home satellite television has been around for about 27 years. DIRECTV and DISH (originally Dish Network) were major disruptors in the pay-TV landscape in the 1990s. Rather than passively take what the cable company offered, or hope in vain that they would eventually pass your house, you could take control of your home entertainment experience. With a small satellite dish you aimed yourself, you were able to get over 100 channels instead of the four or five that were on broadcast TV at that time.

Although satellite TV continued to dominate well into the 2010s, it suffered from cost increases over the years that really frustrated people. Greedy content providers asked for ever-growing pieces of the pie and those costs trickled down. As a result of those high costs and new streaming technology, all forms of pay television began a decline in the early ’10s that still hasn’t stopped as of today.

With monthly charges of $100 or more, plus long-term contracts (never popular, and even less so now) people started talking about dropping pay-TV altogether. It seemed for a while that streaming was going to be a less-expensive alternative, although most of us already pay close to $100 for all our streamers put together.

With so much money being spent on home entertainment, some have said it’s time to bid farewell to satellite. I say the opposite, and here are my three reasons why.

1. Satellite TV is still a phenomenal value

Let’s not talk about the couple of hundred channels you don’t watch. Because it’s true, there are a lot of channels with specialized markets and that may not be your thing. But, there’s still a massive amount of content that you do watch.

Take for example clear, clean reception of your local network channels. Most of the top programs are still on broadcast TV and satellite is a great way to get them. You get crystal-clear picture and sound, and the ability to pause and record to your heart’s content. Live TV streaming still hasn’t caught up with satellite when it comes to local channels.

Add to that dozens of the most popular channels, all on one bill. There’s always something available to watch right now, plus tens of thousands of free on-demand programs. Why pay for one of those “Plus” services when you can get the same content for free as part of your satellite package?

2. Satellite makes streaming better

With an active satellite TV subscription, you get access to dozens of streaming apps. Want to watch HGTV content? Use their app and sign in with your satellite subscription. The same is true of tons of other provider apps that will let you sign in with your pay-TV username and password.

If you choose an HBO package, you not only get HBO Max for free but you also get several channels of live HBO and Cinemax, for when you just want to plop down and watch something live. Those “must-watch” programs on HBO will premiere live and you won’t risk buffering because everyone else in your neighborhood is watching them too. Just choose satellite TV and your picture will come in bright and clear.

3. Satellite TV companies are poised to innovate

It’s funny, that old saying “every dog has its day” is so true. In the 1990s, satellite TV was a real disruptor, “sticking it” to the cable companies. By 2015 satellite TV was the established player in the market and was on the defensive against new streaming rivals. But, now both DIRECTV and DISH are in the best possible position to strike back against streaming. Both companies still have strong customer bases and teams of dedicated people who want to innovate.

I expect great things from satellite TV and I think that it’s the wrong time to jump ship. It’s the right time to stay with satellite and watch things get more and more interesting.

Need more convincing?

Before giving up on satellite television, call the folks at Signal Connect. They can show you all the reasons satellite TV is still a great value, and even recommend upgrades to help you get the most out of what you have! The number is 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours, and if it’s after hours fill out the form below and we’ll contact you!

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