7 Essential Tools Every DIY Electrician Should Have

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Every professional relies on his/her tools for resiliency, accuracy, comfort, safety, and craftsmanship. And this includes the electrician who helps keep your house energy efficient and illuminated. Remember, everybody has his/her own preferred set of tools. For a DIY electrician, there are numerous tools that you believe are important for your job, while your pals or neighbors believe they are not mandatory. But at the end of the day, what matters is every electrician uses his/her preferred tool to do the job accurately.

However, there are numerous crucial tools every electrician requires to do the job accurately and safely. These tools are mandatory for all electricians irrespective of the job at hand or where you are working. WWN advises that you should always use the right tool for the specified electrical task. So here are some essential tools every DIY electrician should own.

Essential Tools for Every DIY Electrician

1.   Pliers

A reliable set of pliers is a must-have for all electricians. A reliable set of pliers can help you straighten, bend, twist, gripping, or even cut wires. But, make sure the handles of your set of pliers are comfortable and easy to grip. The best electrician pliers should be easy to open and close. Every DIY electrician should have the Shoptek 4-Piece Pliers Set in their toolboxes. The Shoptek 4-Piece Pliers Set includes the long nose, diagonal cutter, slip joint and linesman pliers.

The linesman pliers are a do-it-all tool that features a center cutting blade, a gripping area, and a squared-off end. The linesman pliers are mandatory for anyone who does regular electric jobs. The diagonal cutter pliers are designed for cutting wires, while the long-nose pliers are used for twisting and bending wires. The versatile slip joint pliers are ideal for bending and gripping hardware. The Slip joint has two sets of teeth; the coarse teeth are for gripping bolts and nuts while the fine teeth are for gripping smaller objects like nails.

2.   Multimeter

Every electrician must have a reliable multimeter that can accurately measure resistance, voltage and current in a circuit. A multimeter can also help you locate electricity fluctuation that is caused by poor wiring. After all, checking current and voltage is essential for any electrical task.

The Fluke 87-V multimeter can provide frequency measurement of adjustable-speed drives thanks to its unique low-pass filter. Fluke 87-V has an in-built thermometer that makes it possible for you to measure temperature. With this multimeter in your toolbox, you will never have to carry a separate thermometer when going for a job again. This multimeter can measure up to 1000 volts DC and VAC.

3.   Voltage Tester

The Ideal Vol-Con Voltage tester is an extremely reliable and ragged 3-in1 tester that can detect voltage between 5 volts and 600 volts AC/DC. This 3-in-1 tester vibrates when the circuit has voltage. It is an automatic switching-continuity tester that comes with bright neon and LED indicator lamps. Plus it comes with a 2-year warranty from Ideal.

4.   Circuit Breaker Finder

Locating circuit breakers is usually a two-person task, with one switching off the breakers and the other confirming which circuit has been de-energized. This task is normally done by trial-and-error or even shorting or grounding the wire to intentionally trip the breaker, which can be very dangerous. The trial-and-error approach is time-consuming, so instead of switching off all the breakers, why don’t you use the Ideal circuit breaker finder.

The circuit breaker finder from Ideal comes with a receptacle tester and a digital receiver. This circuit breaker finder makes it easier for you to locate the breaker in every circuit. All you have to do is plug in its transmitter to any outlet, and with 2-quick passes over your circuit breakers, you will confirm the associated breaker using a visual and audible indicator. The Circuit breaker finder can help you find the right breaker within the shortest time possible.

5.   Wire Stripper/Cutter/ Strips Solid

This Klein multipurpose wire stripper/cutter strips solid is a unique device that can be quite handy in any electrical job. This tool can strip six standard wire sizes without even cutting any of the wires; therefore, it guarantees you a clean job. It also comes with serrated jaws that help with pulling, shaping or even bending a wire. And to reduce fatigue while working, it features a coil spring opening system.

6.   Screwdrivers

Electricians use a wide range of screwdrivers for fastening and loosening various pieces of hardware. Therefore, they carry a wide range of screwdrivers in their toolbox every time they go for any job. And one of the must-have screwdrivers set for all DIY electricians is the Wiha Tools Security Torx Set. This set comes with ten pieces of screwdrivers, including T40s, T20s, T10s, T7s, and T30s, among others.

These screwdrivers have ergonomic cushion grip handles that are directly molded to Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum (CVM) steel blades. The CVM is a high-performance, high strength alloy that is corrosion and wears resistance. Therefore, this set of screwdrivers will serve you for a very long time. The size of each handle is proportional to the size of the blade. And the tip profile is labeled on the handle.

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7.   GFCI Tester

Make sure all the GFCI wiring in your home is working efficiently using the GE GFCI tester. This unique tester from GE can easily detect possible inopportune wiring conditions in 110-125 VAC GFCI receptacles. This tester is perfect for renovation and remodeling jobs. And the fact that it’s portable means that you can carry it from one site to the next. The lighting chart on the back of this device helps you identify the reading that your tool is getting. Any indication of faulty wiring should be handled by a qualified electrician.

Final Thoughts

Every DIY electrician works with his own preferred set of tools. However, there are numerous essential tools and devices that every electrician must-have. Remember, great electrical tools can help you tackle any electrical projects effectively. So make sure you are equipped with the above tools for your next electrical job. In fact, some tools like the Circuit Breaker Finders can make work easier and fun.



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