Why Add A TV Antenna To Your Big Rig?

Are you a long-haul trucker who’d like to enjoy some local TV shows on the road? If so, Solid Signal has the perfect TV antenna for your big rig.

As an over-the-road trucker, you spend a lot of time on the road. When you’re driving, you can’t watch any TV; but when you stop for your rests, there’s plenty of time to unwind and watch your favorite shows. But how can you get TV in your tractor-trailer? You attach a TV antenna to your rig. But which type of TV antenna is best for long-haul truckers such as yourself? One antenna we highly recommend is the Televes DigiNova Boss. This particular TV antenna has a variety of features that make it the ideal antenna for catching local TV in high-definition wherever you are on the road.

It’s Free TV! 
Okay, you have to pay for the antenna itself. But the TV programming that the DigiNova Boss delivers is absolutely free. There are no monthly fees when you’re using a TV antenna. By law, every local TV station has to broadcast its programming over transmitters for free. Anyone with a TV antenna can grab this signal and enjoy many of their favorite shows. This is called cutting the cord and more and more people are doing it because it’s a great way to ditch those expensive cable bills.

Why the DigiNova Boss…
The DigiNova has plenty of bells and whistles to make this compact little antenna and dynamo of TV reception. This antenna features state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver the clearest high-definition TV programming you’re able to receive in many situations. Here are some of the antenna’s most useful features for over-the-road drivers such as yourself:

  • This small, aerodynamic antenna easily mounts to the roof of your cab.
  • Its durable shell withstands heat, rain, and snow, making it perfect for your big rig.
  • The antenna features a 30-degree bandwidth that receives UHF and VHF channels within 60-miles of where you park.
  • It features a built-in LTE filter that prevents cell phone signals from disrupting your TV reception.
  • The DigiNova Boss has a built-in amplifier to enhance weak TV signal.  The amplifier also automatically controls its output level so close-by signals don’t become overpowered.
  • The Televes DigiNova Boss was tested by our very own Stuart Sweet and the antenna passed with flying colors.

Why OTA TV is Better Than Streaming

Do you have some type of streaming service to watch some of your favorite programming? There’s nothing wrong with that, but having a TV antenna offers some distinct advantages over streaming services:

  • It’s free. The programming you receive through your TV antenna is absolutely free with no monthly bills whatsoever.
  • High-definition, over-the-air TV broadcasts at a higher quality than streaming. This means cleaner clearer reception.
  • There will never be any chance of overages and additional costs to your data plan with OTA TV. Streaming services can’t say the same.
  • The top 10-rated TV programs are available for free at the highest possible quality with your TV antenna.

Solid Signal is Your Source
Would you like to get the Televes Digi Nova TV antenna for your tractor-trailer? It a great antenna with plenty of amazing features! Or maybe you’d like to know more about TV antennas and cutting the cord before you make a decision? Either way, it’s best to give Solid Signal a call. Our TV antenna experts will answer your questions and recommend the best TV antenna for your big rig. If you think you’d enjoy watching free HDTV at all your stops, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. We can also help if you want to get satellite TV for your big rig. Solid Signal can help you with that, too. Just call us!

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