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This is a transcript of the DISH instruction sheet on how to use AutoHop, the new technology that allows commercials in primetime programming to be skipped.

Autohop is a patented technology created by DISH which allows customers to automatically hop over commercials on most PrimeTime Anytime shows. When PrimeTime Anytime is enabled, the AutoHop function will be enabled on the Hopper and Joey. A viewer can watch a show commercial free starting at 1AM E.T., after a show has been recorded to the PrimeTime Anytime library. See below for details.

Step 1
When PrimeTime Anytime is enabled, customers will see a small Hopper icon next to each show that is available to watch commercial free. These events can be selected from the PrimeTime Anytime or DVR screens.

Step 2
After selecting Auto Hop, the user will be shown a popup and asked if they would like to enable Auto Hop.

Step 3
Selecting YES on the Auto Hop pop up will play the programming and enable the patented technology to skip the commercials.

Q: Can I still view the commercials if I want to?
A: Yes, Selecting “No” on the popup for Auto Hop will continue to play the event with commercials. Even with Auto Hop enabled, a customer can still view the commercials by rewinding after an Auto Hop.

Q: How can a customer get Auto Hop?
A: A customer must have a Hopper receiver as well as enable the PrimeTime Anytime feature.

Q: Does Auto Hop work on a Joey?
A: Yes, Auto Hop works on a Joey just as it does on a Hopper.

Q: If I save a PrimeTime Anytime event to my DVR, can I still use AutoHop on that event?
A: Yes, as long as PrimeTime Anytime is enabled.

Q: What if I turn off PrimeTime Anytime and then turn it back on? Does AutoHop still stay on the events that were previously recorded with PrimeTime Anytime?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I know when AutoHop is skipping over commercials?
A: A small red Hopper icon will appear briefly on the screen.

Q: Can AutoHop be enabled on any other shows besides PrimeTime Anytime?
A: No, AutoHop is only available on select PrimeTime Anytime shows.

Q: How accurate is AutoHop? Will it ever hop over my programming?
A: No, AutoHop is a patented technology that jumps over the commercials; it does not remove them. At times, you may see a split-second or two of a commercial; however AutoHop should never jump your show.

Q: Is there a charge for the AutoHop feature?
A: No.

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