DIRECTV customers: Do your TVApps work?

If you’ve been a fan of DIRECTV’s TVApps, you might have noticed they’re not working so well lately. Numerous reports have been coming in all over the internet that TVApps return a message that the service is unavailable and that there is some sort of error.

Don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s not the way you’re set up. TVApps have been flaky for about a month lately and it’s hard to know why. Some blame a server problem at DIRECTV HQ and others claim to have some secret way to make them come back.

Whatever the truth is, most people can get TVApps function back by simply trying again. A second or third push of the right arrow button generally brings the App functionality back.

Rumors are flying that there will be something new on the horizon to replace TVApps and that’s the reason DIRECTV isn’t taking any action on the current system’s obvious problems. In the meantime, it’s clear that many people simply don’t use apps because they have a smartphone or smart TV. This could end up being one of those systems like DIRECTV’s MediaShare that works up to a point, but is never developed to the point where it is a real “killer.”

So, stop trying to diagnose the issue at home and just try pressing the right arrow button again.

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Stuart Sweet
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