When should you AVOID using an antenna amplifier?

Solid Signal’s new HDX Amplifier is something of a miracle. For a rock-bottom price, you get 20dB of amplification across the entire broadcast spectrum more on some bands. It’s one of the only amplifiers on the market that’s actually designed to connect properly to an RG6 cable, with a female connector on the “in” side. But be warned, with great power comes… well you know the quote and it’s probably trademarked by Marvel Comics.

When you amplify a signal by 20dB, that’s a fancy way of saying you’re making it 100x more powerful. The simple fact is that when you do that to an already powerful signal, there’s a possibility that you’ll overdrive the amplifier and your reception will actually get worse. Of course at the price you’ll pay for the HDX Amplifier it’s probably worth it to try, but before you do, here are some “do’s and don’ts” for using it.

DO …use the HDX amplifier to drive a single television. That’s what it’s designed for.

DON’T … try to use it as a distribution amplifier to feed multiple TVs. We have many options for distribution amplifiers, in every price range. The HDX amplifier and a splitter would probably work, but it’s just better to get the right thing in the first place.

DO … mount the HDX amplifier behind the TV. A little double stick tape or velcro tabs work great.

DON’T … put it outside. It’s not weatherproof.

DO … use the HDX amplifier to help get stations that are in that fringe range of 60-75 miles. That’s where extra gain will come in handy. Beyond that, the signal may be overcome by noise.

DON’T … use the HDX to get signals under 10 miles away. You’ll likely overdrive the signal. If you’re having problems getting signals that close, there is probably something between you and the towers (like a building) and you may need some extra height to overcome that issue.

DO try a variety of cables if you’re having a problem with amplification. All cables “Should” give you the same results, but many times, one cable will deliver better results on some frequencies.

DON’T hook up the amp without powering it. It will block all the signals.

Now you have the facts… so go get that amplifier!