Before you head to the big box store and buy a $20 remote that you don’t know how to program… stop!

We know that our competitors sell outdated versions of the DIRECTV remote for over $20. We offer the DIRECTV 4-Device Universal remote, the same remote you that was standard equipment with DIRECTV receivers from 2003-2014, for a price that is about half what you see it in the stores. This remote uses the self-programming feature of H24 and later receivers and DVRs to make it easy to use with your TV or other devices, and let’s face facts… you already know how to use it!

Unlike other universal remotes, you get every key you’ll need including that all-important {LIST} button and the {INFO} button that is missing from almost every inexpensive universal remote. It works with every DIRECTV receiver including Genie DVRs and Genie clients and it’s great if you’ve never really liked that new Genie remote.

Keeping a few of these around is sure to be a hit. One in each nightstand drawer means no reaching over each other to decide what to watch. A spare in the entertainment center or in a drawer on the coffee table is indispensable when you lose the remote in the couch cushions.

Why let the dog run away with the only remote you have? Check out our DIRECTV Universal Remote!

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Stuart Sweet
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