Best Apartment Security Guide for Renters

Renting an apartment comes with different advantages and luxury. As a renter, you won’t have to worry about real estate taxes, down payment, insurance rates, or utility costs. But, one of the main problems which a renter can face is apartment security. As the renter doesn’t own the apartment, they are left wondering how to protect their family against any mishaps. 

Luckily, there are many tricks such as researching the neighbourhood, examining entry points, or even investing in a home security system that you can follow or implement to choose and live in a safe neighbourhood.

Let’s move forward and discuss some of the best apartment security tips for renters. 

Apartment Security Tips 

You can take different measures to increase the protection of your apartment before and after moving to your place. Here’s a checklist of a few important apartment security tips:

Before Moving In 

These tips will help you in choosing a safe apartment for your family:

1. Research the area’s crime rate: It all comes down to the location where you decide to live. Before you want to settle down in a home, it is wise to see and thoroughly research the area’s crime rates. One additional thing you can do here is to talk to the residents. Checking the news can help you better understand what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

2. Maintenance of the property: If the property isn’t well maintained, it can be a warning bell. A diligent property manager will always make sure to maintain the apartment and offer the renter a safe place to stay. 

3. Inspect the entrances: You should make sure to inspect all the entrances, including the entrance to your apartment and the building as well. Don’t forget to check for the security locks and additional security features of those entrances.

4. Check the windows: Make sure that the windows have proper, strong, and easy-to-use locks. 

5. Check the lighting: Good lighting will help in keeping the intruders away. You don’t want to go to a place with no proper lighting in the parking lots, hallways, garages, and stairwells. Also, ensure security cameras are installed at the entrances and other entry points.

6. Search for the emergency exits: Ensuring that the apartment has proper safety standards and emergency exits in case of a mishap will help you keep your family safe. You must also check the fire escape plan and see whether the apartment has smoke detectors. 

After Moving In 

These are some of the tips that you’ll need to follow after moving in to guarantee that your apartment is safe from burglars:

1. Know your neighbors: Getting acquainted or friendly with your neighbours will help you stay safe and protected. When neighbours are friends, they are more likely to see any suspicious activities in the area and warn you. It is similar to having intelligent security cameras.

2. Consider installing security cameras:  Standalone cameras can send a feed to your smartphone, helping you monitor the apartment while you are not at home. Most security cameras today offer advanced features like night-vision, remote control, etc. You can view and purchase the latest models on Solid Signal.

3. Improvement in the locks: One thing that can help you increase apartment security is adding locks to the front door. You are probably offered some combination locks already, but investing in a quality deadbolt and locking doorknob will help. 

If you want to level up your security, consider adding new locks and upgrading the existing system. 

4. Invest in a home security system: Apart from investing in a security camera, you can also select a home security system as an additional security measure. There are various home security options available in the market. But, you should make sure to choose from a highly reputable home security company. 

5. Keep the windows covered: This might sound obvious, but many renters forget to invest in curtains. Burglars can see where you keep your valuables, and you can be at risk of losing them. So, it is recommended to keep your blinds closed at night and when you aren’t home. You can also add window sensors that can help you detect tampered windows or glass breaks. 

6. Get renters insurance: Unfortunate events can happen even after taking all the necessary safety precautions. That is why it is a good idea to invest in renters’ insurance. 

Your renter’s insurance policy will cover personal property such as electronics, clothing, furniture, and damages due to a burglary or disaster. 

While an apartment may be safer than a standalone house, you still need to be careful

Final Thoughts 

Renting a new place is exciting, but you also need to ensure the home’s security. Real apartment security is carefully selecting a safe place to live so that you can keep your family safe from intruders, burglaries, or thefts.