Businesses need television too

If you run a business, making sure you have TV service probably isn’t your biggest concern. Sure, everyone knows a bar or restaurant needs a TV or too, and everyone knows that businesses with waiting rooms need them. What about smaller businesses? What about offices and air-conditioning salespeople and commercial print shops? Pretty much every business can benefit from television service. Let me explain.

“stuff” happens and the internet may not help

When you need to know what’s going on in the world, TV is still the most reliable way. Storms may take down internet lines and even if yours stays up the speeds will get really slow. If there’s something going on in your neighborhood you may need to bring your employees together. There are all sorts of emergencies, and the best way to keep your employees up to date is to have a television.

TV keeps your Wi-Fi running fast

If every single person in the lunchroom is streaming video, your work internet will grind to a halt. Put a TV in the lunchroom and people can watch together. Not only that they’re sharing an experience that may mean they’ll work better as a team.

If you have fifty employees, imagine the impact of each one of them streaming at the same time. All of a sudden TV seems like a much better deal.

Great TV helps the day go by.

If your employees come in on the weekend, you’ll definitely want to have a TV in place so they don’t miss live sports. Even during the week there are plenty of games out there. You can have happier people and also help them feel more loyal to you by showing that they don’t have to give up everything about their lives just to work a little overtime. Plus it helps people bond, and that’s a good idea.

What sort of TV is best for a business?

Personally I recommend a dual approach. I would put in satellite TV for most of the time when people just want something to watch. There are literally thousands of choices on DIRECTV and you’re sure to find one that suits people. In the case of nationwide news you’ll get plenty of perspectives to choose from and if there is a real tragedy, television can bring people together in a way that Twitter can’t.

On the other hand, you need a TV antenna too. TV antennas are the absolute most reliable way to get TV in bad weather. As long as the antenna is still standing it will get reception. Technically an antenna will get reception even if there is no power in the building, although you’d have to figure out a way to power the TV.

Your local market probably has up to 50 different program sources including all the major networks and that means you’ll be completely covered in the case of some sort of local emergency.

Between antenna TV and satellite TV, your employees will get all the information they need about bad weather and road conditions in their areas. Sure, apps like Waze are good, but if something’s really going on, live video will show it in a way nothing else can. Plus, if you do have a battery powered TV then it will work even when the internet is completely down.

How can you get TV in your office, and does it cost a lot?

Getting great TV in your office probably doesn’t cost any more than it would cost at home. It’s a small expense for most businesses and it brings a huge value. If you want to know how getting TV in your business can help you, call the experts at Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 now!

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