Should you call DIRECTV for a service call?

Know when to say “when,” but it’s your choice. The nice thing I find about having satellite television is that there are a lot of troubleshooting steps you can take without having to call someone. That’s not always true with cable or fiber. You can reboot stuff and sometimes put in a new box or a new modem but that’s about it.

With DIRECTV you really have a lot of control. Swapping parts out is easy and most of them are available online. You can move things without triggering alarms which sometimes happen with some TV services. Even if the dish needs aiming or a part fails, you’re still in the driver’s seat with plenty of options. But yes, there will come a time when you need to call for service. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have the ability to go up on a roof?
  • Do you have the right tools to be able to check the satellite signal?
  • Are you having trouble identifying the problem?
  • Have you already tried some of the diagnostic steps you’ll find here on the blog?
  • Would trying to fix the problem get you in trouble with a spouse? (Be honest, I won’t tell.)

Hey, it’s totally ok to know your limitations. Calling DIRECTV for service usually means you’ll get fast response and sometimes there’s no charge at all for a service call no matter what kind of equipment needs changing. It can be a great deal.

I know that a lot of folks got into satellite TV because of the DIY potential and I think that’s still one of the best parts of having satellite TV. Just remember though, it’s most important to be safe and to keep harmony around the house.

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Stuart Sweet
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