How can I find out if the YX500-PCS, YX500-CEL, or the YX500-PCS/CEL will work for me? Will they work for my EV-DO card?

The Wi-Ex grabs a strong signal & extends it to dead zones. If you have a strong signal in a part of your home or outside your home, the Wi-Ex zBoost will work for you.

The next step is you need to find out which frequency your cell phone operates in.

Go to, enter your zip code and click “search”.

A. If your carrier has only one listing then you’ll find the frequency in the highlighted field after “SYSTEM:”
If the listing is 800 MHz you need the: YX500-CEL 
If the listing is 1900 MHz you need the: YX500-PCS 

B. If there are two listings for your carrier, one for 800 MHz and a second listing for 1900 MHz then your carrier operates on the 800 MHz band and you would need the: YX500-CEL

If you have a EV-DO card or you want a universal Wi-Ex zBoost we have a unit that will cover all providers: YX510-PCS/CEL

If you do not have a strong signal outside, upgrade your outdoor antenna to improve the signal strength into the base unit.
(Used when outdoor signal strength is not ideal)

YX500-PCS: YX023-PCS
YX500-CEL: YX026-CEL
YX510-PCS/CEL: YX029