How can you get to the On Demand programs on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV has over 15,000 programs available on demand. They make it easy to find, with four easy choices for navigation.

From the guide if you see a channel name with a small plus sign in the corner, arrow all the way to the left and press {SELECT} on your remote to see a menu of on demand programs related to that channel. If you’re on HBO, you’ll go to HBO’s on demand page. That sort of thing.

From the menu Arrow down to “Search and Browse” then arrow over to the option you want. There are options for movies, TV shows, 4K programs (if you have an HR54 Genie DVR) and a menu to go to the general on demand portal.

When you’re watching a show and you want to see on demand options, press the {INFO} button and arrow to “More Info.” Press {SELECT} and arrow down to “Other Showings.” You’ll see on demand programs listed as well as upcoming broadcast programs.

If you know the channel number of the live TV channel, use the number 1 followed by the channel number to go to that on demand channel. In other words, HBO is channel 501… HBO on demand is channel 1501.

Wait, there’s one more…
You can get to the master on demand page by going to channel 1000.

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