Can you mount an antenna where your dish used to be?

Sure, why not? If you’ve decided to cut the cord, you have a perfect place to put an antenna: right where that satellite dish used to be up on your roof. If it’s mounted on an eave, it may not be able to support one of the larger antennas, but there’s no reason not to reuse a satellite dish mount. You can even reuse the cable.

After disconnecting the cable from the dish with a 7/16″ wrench, fish it out from the dish arm and leave it aside for now. Loosen the bolts that hold the dish to the mast and you should be able to lift it up off the mast leaving a nice clean place to put that antenna.

DISH dishes and standard-definition DIRECTV dishes use a 1.66″ outer diameter mast. DIRECTV HD dishes use a 2″ outer diameter mast. Either way, most antennas should mount easily to either size. If you’re using something like our Flatwave Air antenna that has its own tiny mast, you can still zip-tie it to the satellite mast if you want.

When it comes down to it, there are enough holes in your roof. Why drill another one just to put up an antenna?

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