How can you mount your new antenna?

The cool thing is you have so many choices. For most outdoor antennas, the easiest thing is to use a J-mount. The honest truth is that there isn’t a lot of difference between them if you’re mounting a small antenna, so choose the combination of price and size that fits you. If you have an unused satellite dish on your roof, you can use the mount it came on as well, just take the “dish” part off.

For a little larger antenna, the most common choice is a chimney mount because it doesn’t require drilling into the roof. Mounts are available for most common sized chimneys. They’re easy to put up and you can use a mast like this one to mount the antenna to.

There are tons of other options too… we have a guide to mounting that gives some of the most common options.

But there’s one more option to talk about, and that involves two things you can get at your local home store: a fence post and a sack of “quick” setting cement. There’s no rule that says you hae to use some sort of “official” mast or mounting technology. Just get a fencepost with an outer diameter between 1.25 and 2 inches and you’ll be all set. Of course, antennas do better when there is nothing between you and the towers, but sometimes you can’t get up on the roof, and maybe you’re in an apartment where you can’t drill holes. In a case like that, you can put that antenna up securely with a little concrete, a pole of any kind, and a large flowerpot.

There are as many different mounting options as there are houses, but personally I almost always avoid anything that drills directly into your roof. We have plenty of options for that, but once you drill a hole up there, things are never quite the same.

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