Can you still activate non-SWM equipment on DIRECTV?

The answer isn’t no… but it’s sort of “no-adjacent.” DIRECTV still supports older multiswitches like this WB68 pictured above, and still supports dishes that give four outputs that don’t need a SWM multiswitch. So if you’re looking to replace older equipment with the exact same thing, we can help you there.

If you’re looking to add a receiver to an existing non-SWM system, we can help there as well. The DIRECTV H24 will work without a SWM multiswitch and so will the HR24 DVR. These older boxes will even get HD programming if used with a B-Band Converter. But, is that really the way to go?

DIRECTV’s older non-SWM technology is at a dead end. Hopefully this doesn’t come as a shock, but DIRECTV stopped installing non-SWM systems by default about 8 years ago. Obviously, marine and RV systems have been non-SWM more recently but even those markets are finally going to SWM technology. It’s really a better way to install and if you’re still on the sidelines for some reason, it’s time to think about that.

Now is the time to get back in line with DIRECTV standards if you haven’t yet. Most (if not all) standard-definition channels are going away in under two years and if your devotion to old SD hardware is what’s been holding you back, you just don’t know what you’re missing. I know there’s a cost increase when you go to HD service, but it’s not as much as you think and within two years you’ll be paying it anyway.

You’re missing out on so much if you’re not working with the latest DIRECTV technology. Today’s tech is faster, does more, and uses a fraction of the energy used by older hardware. In the long run it could actually save you money to upgrade!

Don’t stay on the sidelines any more. Call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll help you decide if you want to make “one last investment” in that non-SWM hardware, or if it’s finally time to make the jump to the latest and greatest DIRECTV gear that you really deserve!

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