Satellite TV on a boat? What a great idea!

When you’re out on the water… often the last thing you think about is television. That’s good — you should spend time outside, getting fresh air and having fun. But hey, we all have a need to feel connected, and whether that is e-mail or good-old-fashioned TV, it’s hard to leave it on the shore.

That’s the best part… you don’t have to. has an incredibly expansive selection of the latest satellite dishes for your vessel. We’re talking about cabin cruisers and yachts here… it’s still not possible to get a satellite signal on your raft. You need a sizable place to permanently mount the dish module, but once you have that installed, you can enjoy the best DIRECTV and DISH programming just like you were on land.

Take for example this Intellian s6HD Satellite System. It’s a fairly small motorized satellite dish that will see several satellites at once, meaning less aiming and less downtime, and it works with both DIRECTV and DISH, even providing the HD channels! It’s a great choice for spending quiet evenings in the cabin enjoying yourself.

One limitation though…

A lot of people ask if they can get their local channels while on the boat. In general the answer is yes, as long as you stay in your local area. If you go more than 100 or so miles from your local area you just may not be able to get the signal that normally reaches your home. You’ll see all the national channels but not the local ones. The exception here is if you live in the Los Angeles or New York City markets; those channels reach more or less nationwide. It is sometimes possible to get waivers to get the national feeds and our staff at Solid Signal knows all the right words to say. No promises, but when you work with us, you have the best possible chance.

Why wait? Satellite systems for your boat are less expensive than you think and before you know it you could be enjoying quality programming at home AND at sea. Shop for one now at, or call us for a recommendation for the best product for your situation. Then, check out the tens of thousands of parts we have available for your vessel, from grommets to transducers to fishfinders and everything in between.

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