Can you turn off the indicator lights on a cell booster?

Look, I get it. When this question came in, my first response was, “I feel ya bro:”

How can I turn off the lights on my cell booster? They flash all the time and it’s annoying. I don’t need my home looking like a nuclear launch site.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any consumer cell boosters that let you turn off the lights. However, if the lights are flashing that much, there’s possibly something wrong.

Why do the lights on the cell booster flash?

For the most part, cell booster lights do not flash unless they are starting up. Your cell booster should not be showing flashing lights. If the booster’s lights are flashing, it means something’s wrong. Every booster is going to be different, but flashing red generally means that there’s a danger situation and that you should be looking at how the booster is installed. It could be that the booster is being overpowered by a strong signal. This happens when people get new cell sites in their neighborhoods.

A flashing yellow light is more often caused by the booster reducing power. This happens because the signal is “just a little” too strong. Flashing yellow means that the booster is able to reduce power to the right levels without overloading. It may be an annoying flash, but it’s nothing to worry about.

What can be done about the flashing?

Really, cell boosters are designed to be “set it and forget it” type devices. There isn’t a way to hack into them to turn individual settings on and off, at least when you’re talking about consumer level boosters.

That leaves you to get creative. I personally like using electrical tape to cover indicator lights. It’s not terribly pretty but if the booster is black you’ll hardly notice. Another technique, if you happen to be someone with access to this, is dark red nail polish. Painting the indicator light carefully will dim the light very effectively. If you change your mind, the edge of a paper clip will let you scratch the polish off. Don’t use nail polish remover because it will melt the plastic and the booster will probably stop working.

Don’t cover the booster or turn it upside down as proper ventilation is really critical for this sort of thing. You don’t want it to overheat because it will shut down and you’ll have no boost whatsoever.

Should a flashing light stop you from using a cell booster?

I really understand where this customer is coming from. Indicator lights are really out of control. There are so many of them and if you are the sort of person who keeps a lot of technology in one room they can get out of hand. However, I think that indicator lights might be too much but the technology they belong to is still really important. You need your router, your chargers, your DVR and security cameras. With a little bit of work you can cover up those annoying indicators and you’ll get the benefit without the frustration.

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