Can’t get to the DIRECTV On Demand Page? Here’s a fix

I like DIRECTV On Demand but sometimes it doesn’t like me.
I don’t know why but sometimes the On Demand menu doesn’t work. That’s ok, I don’t really mind. Why? Because there’s an easy way to get to the on-demand content I want without that main menu. I may be missing out on a nice splash screen but that’s about it.

There are two ways to get to an on-demand channel. You can either type in the channel number with a 1 in front of it (if you’re trying to get to on demand for HBO Channel 501, type in 1501) or you can go to the guide and arrow to the left until the channel name is highlighted. If there’s a plus sign near the name, that means there’s extra content available and that usually means an on demand channel. Press {SELECT} to go straight to the on demand channel!

You can get to other on demand channels once you’re in the on demand system by choose “Browse by Channel,” usually at the top of the list at the left.

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