Does an in-car cell booster really work?

“Wait a minute, I’m driving through a dead spot…” We’ve all said it. (Sometimes we’ve even said it to get rid of someone.) It’s true, though. Even in heavily populated areas it’s possible to drive into an area of bad reception, especially if you’re going 65 miles per hour.

If you depend on your phone and your car to do business, you need to consider an in-car cell amplifier system. These aren’t the cheesy stickers you see on TV, these are real, solid electronic components that actually work.

Take, for example, the weBoost 4G-S. This is a perfect complement to that iPhone 8 you are dying to order any day now. This is more than just a phone cradle. It amplifies your phone signal which helps you three ways:

  • Most phones use less power when they’re receiving a strong signal so battery life should increase.
  • Its large, external antenna pulls in signals that your phone’s antenna could never get
  • Its built-in charging port helps you stay at 100% on long trips

The idea is that an external antenna mounts with a magnet onto your roof or trunk. You run a wire into the amplifier and it provides better cell service in a very small area around the amplifier, by acting as a micro-cell tower. By mounting the antenna outside, you get better signal because the cell signal isn’t bouncing off all the metal parts in your car. The antenna is also bigger than your phone’s antenna and sits higher up… remember in the antenna world bigger and higher are the two key features every antenna wants to have.

Installation is easy. Run the wire through the doorway for an easy, quick installation. Of course you can permanently install this system as well if you’re into customization. It does require power, of course, but it’s designed to work through the accessory socket (lighter socket for those of us over 30.) carries a wide variety of cell boosters
 designed to work with any phone, whether you’re waiting for the iPhone 8 or if you have a phone that needs boosting now. Just remember, keep your eyes on the road and your fingers off the keyboard!

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