How do all your clocks set themselves for Daylight Saving Time?

Spoiler alert: it’s GPS. You know all those self-setting clocks in your weather stations and cell phones? They’re the reason that you don’t have to run around like (as much of) a crazy person on days like today. Hooray for the gadgets that set their own clocks… I wish they all did.

The magic of self-setting clocks comes from GPS. As we discussed in an earlier article, GPS satellites use clock signals and simple math to help you know where you are. A self-setting clock listens for a signal from one of those GPS satellites and then just sets the clock using that signal. It’s brilliantly simple, isn’t it?

Now if only my microwave, oven, 2 older clocks, 2 cars, sprinkler timer, wristwatch, etc… had that technology.