What DIRECTV DVRs have built-in power injectors?

You have to hand it to DIRECTV, they really have made installation simple in the past ten years. Since 2008, they have launched initiative after initiative to make sure that installations go faster and customers have less clutter left in the home. For example:

  • The replaced the old-style home run wiring scheme with SWM technology for fewer wires in the attic.
  • SWM technology also lets every DVR use only one wire, where in the past some needed two.
  • Coax networking means that sharing programs doesn’t mean Ethernet in every room.
  • DVRs with built-in Ethernet bridges and Wi-Fi mean one less box sitting on the floor.

In many ways the HS17 Genie 2 is the pinnacle of this achievement. It acts as a DVR, a network adapter, coax network host, and most importantly for this article, a power inserter. That’s right, as long as the Genie 2 is within 200 feet or so of the dish then it will power the dish without any need for an external adapter. In fact it’s not the only DVR to do it.

  • The H44 Genie Lite, shown at top, is pretty rare, but it was the first receiver to power the dish.
  • The HR54 Genie (generation 1) will also power the dish.
  • The HS17 Genie 2, as I said before, will power the dish among all its other tricks.

If you have one of these devices and a SWM-enabled dish (not an external SWM multiswitch) you can take care of some clutter and get rid of the power inserter. Make sure the DVR is connected to the red port on the splitter and reboot it after removing the power inserter. It should “just work.”

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