DIRECTV for Fitness Centers

Let’s say you have a fitness center or a gym. You might be a franchisee or an owner. Depending on where in the country you are, you might be re-opening after a long closure, or just trying to get people interested in losing “the quarantine fifteen.” Point is, you’re going to need to step up the game to get people back in the door.

Have you considered DIRECTV?

I know, I know. Everyone thinks the age of satellite TV is over. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there are streaming alternatives now but when it comes to TV for business, streaming usually isn’t an option. Generally you don’t have enough bandwidth, and most of the apps aren’t legal to use in business anyway. That means not only is DIRECTV the best value, it can be the only value. Traditional TV still rules in commercial applications, and when it comes to fitness centers, it’s going to beat cable every time.

Why DIRECTV beats cable

A lot of modern exercise equipment has TVs built-in. It’s a lot better than trying to service the entire gym floor with just a few TVs. This capability has been around for a few years. It’s designed to work with cable systems so you just connect the cable and tune whatever channel you want. There’s just one problem:

So-called “cable-ready” devices… aren’t.

For decades, televisions have come with “cable-ready” tuners. The goal back in the 1980s was to stop cable companies from profiting on cable box rentals. Several years ago, the rules changed and pretty much all cable TV systems are now encrypyted. Using a cable-ready TV won’t get you anything unless you have a box.

The real irony is that the cable companies charge even more for these boxes when businesses are involved. You can end up paying hundreds of dollars in box rental fees just to distribute cable television to so-called cable-ready TVs.

DIRECTV beats cable

With our special technologies based on approved DIRECTV systems, we can distribute as many channels as you want to the TVs built into your fitness equipment. We have compact and affordable systems that “just work” when you get them out of the crate. Not only that, we can arrange for professional installation throughout your fitness center and make sure everything works properly before we leave!

More than just DIRECTV

If you’re interested in a fitness center solution, call the experts now at 888-233-7563. While you’re talking to them, take a few moments to talk about other improvements you’d like to make. Whether it’s wiring or surveillance or anything else electronics, the experts at Signal Connect can help you upgrade and make the most of the resources you have! We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need, and you’ll get a single point of contact to help you manage the entire process.

Call us, or if it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below, and one of the experts will get back to you. They’re prompt and efficient, and usually return calls within 24 hours. Why wait… get started today!!

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