DIRECTV makes it easier to diagnose those error codes

As you know, The Solid Signal Blog has the most comprehensive online list of DIRECTV error codes. (Didn’t know that? Check them out here.) If your receiver gives you a three-digit code, we can help you understand what it means and what you might do to fix it. Our resources are the same ones used by techs, but we’ve added even more content to try to help you folks out. But hey, if you’re looking for even more…

DIRECTV has been continuously improving their help systems and they’ve even made it easier to understand and take action on some of the most common errors. If you type in the URL “” followed by the error number, you’ll get simple answers for the errors that come up most often. In other words, typing in gives you information about signal loss and gives you a tutorial about refreshing your services and even links you to an online tool to help you refresh any receiver that’s misbehaving.

It’s a quick and easy fix for people who don’t have a lot of experience diagnosing their own stuff, and it’s written for the average DIRECTV user. I think it’s great that DIRECTV is doing stuff like this, so that people get more interested in fixing their own problems. From there, I can guarantee they’ll get even more interested and then, of course, you know they’re going to want to shop at Solid Signal to get the tools, accessories, and advice that you’ll need when you do it all yourself!

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