Do you need a cell booster in your home?

Yes, you do.

Roughly 90% of people experience some drop in cell service every single day. Even though AT&T and other carriers add capacity all the time, there’s still a real problem out there. Believe it or not, it’s your house.

Your home is designed to repel cell signals.

That’s right, pretty much every material in your home is designed to block cell signals. Red brick has a lot of iron which scatters and bounces all signals. Stucco specifically blocks most cell signals very effectively (just a coincidence, but still.) Aluminum siding may as well be a cellular moat around your house.

Even if the building material doesn’t stop cell signals, the wires in your home will scatter them pretty well too. Between all the wires and conduits and electrical fields, it’s a wonder that cell service gets in at all.

Ah, but the windows you say. Surely the windows must be a way for cell signals to get in. If you have energy-efficient windows they are actually the worst offender in getting good cell service. That same coating that blocks UV radiation and heat will also block cell signals just as easily.

The answer is simple.

Putting an antenna outside the house and connecting it to an amplifier inside the house does the trick. The outdoor antenna is larger than your cell phone’s antenna and higher up. That means it picks up stronger signals. Inside the home, those signals are amplified and pushed out through a second antenna. It sounds pretty complex, but it’s easy to install and it works!

Adding a cellular signal booster can take you from one bar to five. It can increase your data speeds and give you longer battery life because your phone doesn’t need to use as much power amplifying weak signals.

A cellular signal booster solves your problems. Your cell reception problems, at least.

Which brand of booster should you buy?

For home use, Solid Signal recommends boosters from weBoost. The company practically invented the cell booster and they now have a whole line of boosters that can handle everything from apartments to large homes with no problem.

weBoost boosters don’t require fancy setup. Attach the antennas, plug them in and if you see green lights, you’re done. The boosters are self-configuring and have automatic features that always give you the strongest possible signal without overloading your phone or the cell system. They’re approved for use with all major carriers, too.

What’s the best place to buy a cell booster?

The best option for cellular signal boosters is No one else can give you the same level of support. If you need help choosing a booster, our team is ready to help. If you need help installing, call our 100% US-based call center at 888-233-7563 and they’ll give you all the free support you need.

There’s another good reason to shop Solid Signal. We’re the only place you can get weBoost-certified refurbished boosters. These are cell boosters that came back as returns from other vendors. They are fully tested for quality, repackaged, and we sell them at a much lower price than we charge for a brand new booster. If the packaging is important, get a new one. If not, get a refurb and save a few bucks!

It’s time to finally stop worrying about cellular reception. Get a booster from Solid Signal and you’ll enjoy clear calls and blazing fast data!

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