Here’s the “must-have” upgrade for your RV

Are you going out on the open road this summer? It sounds like the perfect time. Sunny days, new and exotic sights, and a whole lot of new people to meet on the way. You may be new to the world of RVing or you may be an experienced veteran. But either way, you need to be aware that RVing today isn’t the same as it was in the past. You need an upgrade that will give you the one thing your RV is missing…


When we say “get away from it all” we don’t mean it, not really. We mean get away from the house, get away from the job, get away from stress. We don’t mean that we want to disconnect from everyone and everything we know. In fact, here in the 2020s, we value connection more than ever. And, we value the electronic devices that bring us that connection.

I’ve said before that your cellular phone is probably your most prized possession. Oh, I know, you think it’s your jewelry. But think about the last time you left home without your cell. Remember that level of anxiety? Even though you knew it was just sitting there on the nightstand you just felt empty without it.

Cell phones are a miracle, that’s for sure, but they’re not magical. They work using science and technology. They’re also limited by science and technology. Cellular signals are very weak and they don’t penetrate into vehicles very well. The signal might be ok for a voice call. Sure, the voice drops out here and there but it’s enough to get your message through. It’s probably good enough for GPS, too, because a lot of that information is stored on your phone. But when you settle in for the night, you’re going to want a strong signal. Your kids will want it while you’re driving, too.

Here’s the solution.

This is weBoost’s Drive Reach RV Cellular Signal Booster. It combines high technology with weBoost’s decades of manufacturing know-how. The unassuming red box and small black cylinder mount in the RV. The larger black antenna mounts outside, up high. This combination brings in signal from outside, amplifies it, and supplies everyone in the RV with the maximum legal level of boost. Trust me, it’s enough to give you great internet speeds in places you never thought possible.

This one upgrade makes everything better.

This one device, which costs less than pretty much any high-end cell phone, will serve all the devices in your RV at the same time. It will outlast the device you’re using now and probably the next two as well. It will work with today’s 4G/LTE signals and many of the upcoming 5G installations as well. You’ll get data speeds that will make your friends jealous, whether you’re driving or settling in for the night.

Because as important as it is to live the RV life…

…you also have to live your life. Why wait to binge those new shows until you get home? Why not enjoy them while settled in for the night? Why not shop, check your home’s connected devices, and communicate with friends? It’s all possible when you have a nice strong cell signal. That’s what this cellular signal booster is all about.

Shop for this cell booster at Solid Signal, or call us at 888-233-7563 so that we can recommend the right one for you! We can also help you find an installation professional if you’re not up to installing it yourself, although it is extremely easy. If you prefer to communicate electronically, fill out this form and we’ll respond to you, usually within a few business days.

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