Do you need better cell service at work?

Of course you do. Your customers don’t want to go through the “phone tree” to reach you. They just call your cell. When they come to see you, they expect good cell service. If your office, store or workplace doesn’t have good cell service, people will avoid it. Why do you think people stay away from malls? It’s not just the tacky decor and boring shops. It’s the fact that most malls don’t have good cell service. No one wants to be disconnected.

Why not just offer free Wi-Fi?

That sounds like a really good option until you really start to think about it. In a small office, maintaining Wi-Fi is pretty easy. Still if you want your customers to have access, you need to set up a guest network for them that stops them from seeing your confidential data.

In a larger business, it gets harder and harder to manage. You will need to put in a large mesh system and make sure you’re paying for a super-fast line. If the free Wi-Fi is slow, it’s worse than no Wi-Fi at all. Constantly adding and upgrading Wi-Fi is expensive and never-ending.

A better solution: a commercial booster system from WilsonPRO

WilsonPRO is the commercial line of cellular signal boosters from Wilson Electronics. You know Wilson Electronics as the pioneer in home cellular boosters, but their commercial products are the most advanced on the market. They’re the only booster systems truly designed to scale up into a large commercial enterprise.

Why not use a DIY home cell booster?

That’s an option, but with a commercial-grade cell booster you’ll be set to handle the large volume of traffic that a business gets. You’ll get enterprise-grade reliability and options like rack mounting and cloud storage.

A commercial-grade unit will cover a larger area so even though the cost per booster is higher, you’ll probably use fewer of them. Not only that, but buying a commercial booster includes a free service from Solid Signal to help you plan for the best reception where you need it.

Choose Solid Signal for the best service and selection

Working with Solid Signal means you’ll get access to all the major brands including WilsonPRO. You’ll also get the best prices when you talk to one of our representatives on the phone. You see, internet pricing is often fixed by the manufacturer, but working directly over the phone sometimes there are specials we can’t advertise.

Plus, you’ll get guidance on how to get the best possible installation. We’ll help you with all the resources you need, whether it’s simply providing you a “punchlist” of things to do or sending out a dedicated installation team. Getting the most out of a commercial signal booster system is a little more difficult than simply putting up a home booster and that’s where we can help.

One call gets it all started. You’ll want to call the commercial experts at our “Signal Connect” division. They’re available east-coast business hours by calling 888-233-7563.

Why wait? Get started down the road to offering your employees and your customers the cell service they demand!

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