Why put a cell booster in your car?

You’re not supposed to be using your phone while you’re driving. In fact in most states it’s illegal. So why would you choose to spend the money on a mobile cellular signal booster?

You can use your phone in your car… legally

No matter what state you’re in, it’s legal to use your phone in your car. Some states require you to have a handsfree device like built-in Bluetooth. Some states say you can touch the phone for navigation but not for texting. Every state is different, but there is no state in which it’s flat-out illegal to use your cell phone in your car.

Of course regardless of the law people do it anyway. I don’t think you should be texting or playing games while you’re driving, but my feeling is… you do you. Whatever makes sense in the situation and keeps you safe, that’s what’s important.

Remember why you got a phone in the first place

Remember your first cell phone? If you’re over the age of 35, you got your first phone in order to stay safe in the car. Before cell phones, people had to walk or hitchhike if they broke down. Even if they had some sort of roadside assistance, there was no way to tell anyone that you needed help. You bought that phone to keep in the car for emergencies. Then, you discovered that it played games, got on the internet, and all of sudden that phone went from emergency use to use all the time.

You never stopped needing that phone for emergencies, though. If you break down on the side of the road, you’ll need to call for help. If you’re in the middle of a city or suburb, you probably have great cell service anyway. But what if you’re in the middle of nowhere? What if you’re pulled off while traffic is backed up for miles? You might be locked out of cell coverage and then you’re stuck. That is, unless you have an advantage like a cell booster.

How mobile cell boosters work

A mobile cell booster puts an antenna outside your car and then provides the maximum possible amplification inside your car. Just like a home-based booster, it battles the fact that your car is a metal cage that repels cell signals.

Cell boosters for mobile can be built into a charging cradle. Cradle boosters are designed for a single user and they’re the commuter’s best friend. They’re also the easiest to install. Just run the cable for the antenna outside and attach the magnet mount antenna.

Other vehicle cell boosters are designed so everyone gets great cell service. You can choose models for first responders, for long-haul trucks, for RVs, or for commuter SUVs.  There’s even a special model for RVs that works only when the RV is stopped, so it can give you massive boost that the law doesn’t allow while you’re driving.

Why choose cell boosters from weBoost

There’s a clear leader in the world of mobile cell boosters, and it’s weBoost. Their corporate parent, Wilson Electronics, practically invented the cell booster and their designs for mobile are absolutely the most refined, the most powerful and the easiest to install.

weBoost’s Drive Sleek is the king of single user boosters. Its innovative design won’t interfere with wireless charging and doesn’t stop you from charging your phone through the “lighter socket.” You’ll love the design too.

The rest of the weBoost line is designed to be easy to install, durable, and as powerful as the law allows.

Why buy a cell booster from Solid Signal

No one carries more brands and more models than Solid Signal. Since 2002 we’ve been offering our customers the best products online. We can help you choose the right booster with a free, no obligation recommendation and we can even offer installation tips for mobile users.

If you need tech support, our 100% US-based call center is ready to help. We’ll help you understand what you need to do so you can get that booster installed quickly!

Of course you can shop at SolidSignal.com or for the best price, call us at 888-233-7563. If there are unadvertised specials, you’ll always get them first by calling!

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