DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT: Can’t use the C41W Wireless Genie Mini with an HR34 Genie?

One of our customers told us that a DIRECTV CSR said you can’t use an HR34 Genie with the new C41W Wireless Genie Mini. Folks, that is JUST PLAIN WRONG. The HR34 Genie works with the new wireless client just fine.

It’s easy to understand the confusion. The biggest difference between the HR34 and HR44 Genie is that the HR44 has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet. Without built-in Wi-Fi you would think maybe the HR34 wouldn’t work with the wireless client.

The C41W uses the Wireless Video Bridge to connect to the Genie DVR. This is a standalone box, sold separately, and you need it whether you have an HR34 or HR44. The C41W doesn’t use the internal Wi-Fi connection of your Genie DVR. Giving the C41W its own connection means that you get smooth video and responsive button presses even if you have a lot of other things on your network.

We don’t know who told our customer that an HR44 was required for a Wireless Genie Mini, but folks… don’t believe it.

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Stuart Sweet
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