Is your DIRECTV DVR Playlist confusing? Hide the stuff you don’t want to see!

Are you the sort who has a DVR in every room? Maybe one is for the wife, one for the husband, and each kid gets their own choice too. This can lead to pages and pages of programs you don’t want to watch and it makes it very hard to find the programs you want.

What if you could tell your DVR, just temporarily, to hide all the programs from other DVRs? It’s easy!

Press {LIST} to look at your playlist, then press either the Yellow button or the {DASH} button (to the left of the zero.) Both work exactly the same. At the bottom of the popup menu is an option, “Filter by Playlist.” You can choose “All” which means every DVR in the house, or “Local” which means just the DVR you’re in front of. It’s that easy!

If you want to permanently disable sharing from a DVR, press {MENU} then go to Settings&Help, Settings, Whole Home, Share Playlist. If you really want it to be a permanent change, add a band stop filter to your line which will keep the affected receiver from seeing any other DVRs.

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