DON’T DO THIS: Mount a dish to the top of a tree

So the other day…

A customer asks how much the wind would affect reception if he mounted his satellite dish on the top of a tree.


Folks, this is a classic “don’t do this.” Your dish can’t move more than a fraction of an inch before reception is compromised. Even if it’s stiffly bolted down, a very strong breeze can blow it far enough out of alignment that it won’t work. Think about your average tree, it probably sways a foot or more. There’s no way that’s going to work.

In fact, just being up there to aim it is going to make the tree droop so much that a proper aim is just plain out of the question. Mounting a dish to the trunk of a tree will probably work for a period stretching out into months, but eventually the tree will grow to the point where your dish won’t work and needs re-aiming.

If you really need the dish to be up high in order to avoid obstructions, use a strong mast anchored to your chimney, to your house, and guy wires if it’s higher than ten feet, but never ever use a tree. That’s just a mistake waiting to happen.