Even with 5 bars outside AND Wi-Fi calling, you still need a cell booster

Call it 21st century hospitality. In your parents’ day, hospitality meant something different. Your mom or your grandmother was probably a stay-at-home parent, what used to be called a housewife before we all decided how sexist that term is. She spent her days making sure the house — and you — were spotless so that when company came over she was prepared. Her idea of hospitality may have been a kettle of tea or some freshly baked pies. It was a different time.

Today, none of us has the time to keep the house or the kids spotless and our friends and neighbors don’t expect us to. Going over to a friend’s house often means being offered soda or beer in a can or maybe some cookies out of a box. Our lives have just become too busy and complex to do much more than that.

Still, the idea of hospitality hasn’t completely gone out style, has it? When your friends come over, you think about what would make them feel comfortable, and you do that. Your friends don’t want lace doilies and homemade pie (actually they probably would like homemade pie, everyone likes homemade pie.) They want good cell service.

After all, this is 2016. We all need to be in constant communication with the rest of the world. That’s what people do now. If there are dead spots in your home, you’re not helping your friends out. Even if you have WI-Fi calling, you’re then relying on getting all your guests set up with Wi-Fi and that can be quite a burden. No, the best way to treat your friends with hospitality is to make sure they have clean, clear cell service for voice and data. The best way to do that is with a cellular booster.

A cellular booster blankets your home with cell service that can be even better than the service outside. An antenna, placed either in a window or on the roof, pulls in more signal than your phone can, and then pushes that signal out with a strong amplifier that’s also smart enough to back off if it’s so strong that it causes problems. Cell boosters are a fraction of the cost of a new phone and they can last through several generations of phones. (Also, they don’t catch fire as a matter of course, take that Samsung.)

So, be smart, be hospitable… be a good host. Shop for a cell booster at Solid Signal. Your friends will thank you.

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Stuart Sweet
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