A flat satellite cable? Could it be?

Hundreds of uses. This Eagle Aspen flat RG6 cable solves so many problems that it’s hard to know where to use it first. it’s suitable for cable, satellite, antenna, even cell booster use and it will give you the flexibility you need to put your equipment anywhere.

Slip it through a window The flat cable makes it easy to mount an antenna outside, whether you’re in an RF or at home. It’s perfect for apartment dwellers who can’t drill through walls, too. It’s so thin that you will be able to close and lock the window (in most cases obviously) without any air escaping. This makes it perfect for both temporary and permanent installations.

Slide it under a door. Looking for a way to move that satellite receiver temporarily? Slide this cable under a door frame and you’ll be able to close the door yet still keep the cable going. Or, use it for a permanent installation under carpet padding if you can’t fish wires through walls.

The secret of the flat cable is its size. It’s true that a thin flat cable doesn’t give you the superior protection from loss and interference that a full-size cable will, but it’s so short that what you lose isn’t even worth worrying about. We wouldn’t recommend using flat cable for a 100′ run but for 6″… it’s perfect. This flat cable will work with all antenna, cable, satellite and cellular frequencies and you won’t even notice the minimal drop in signal strength that it causes.

The best part of this multi-purpose problem solver is that it’s really cheap! Seriously, get a dozen, you’ll use them somewhere.

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