Free Ransomware Protection And Decryption Tools

Ransomware is a malware that infects your computer, denying access or encrypting data. As the name suggests, attackers then demand that you pay a ransom for you to gain access back, or to get a decryption key. They usually ask you to pay via an untraceable payment method such as bitcoin.

Of course, such an attack can cost you a lot in terms of money and time, not forgetting the worry of whether you will get back your precious data. That is why it is important to put up protection measures to ensure that the attackers don’t get you.

Besides using a ransomware protection tool, consider connecting to the internet through a VPN. A good VPN such as Nord VPN will encrypt the data and online activities, as well as hide your IP address. NordVPN uses the OpenVPN feature to strongly encrypt data, and DNS leak protection and a kill switch to secure your identity. In addition, NordVPN’s CyberSec technology offers protection against malware and phishing attacks.

Here are free ransomware protection and decryption tools that you can utilize to decode data if ever you experience ransomware attack.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransom tool

Kaspersky is well known for best antivirus and malware protection, you can be sure that this anti-ransomware tool will not disappoint.

This tool uses the System Watcher feature to scan everything that goes on in the system, thus keeping any ransomware threat away. Another feature is the Kaspersky Security network that collects information from numerous sources to stay updated on latest threats.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransom tool

This tool prevents your system from ransomware without slowing your computer. It uses a machine learning anti-malware technology to identify new ransomware patterns. In addition, it monitors the system in real time to stop ransomware activity before it even attacks your system. It has an advanced anti-exploit feature to keep ransomware away and prevent it from spreading.

Avast Ransom Shield

This antivirus has a user-friendly interface for easier use. The ransomware protection feature allows you to specify the folders that need protection from untrusted applications. You can also specify which applications can modify your files, and the applications to completely block. This tool scans all your files for malware, and protects them from being deleted, modified or encrypted.

Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

Trend Micro has a strong reputation as a global provider of top-shelf cybersecurity solutions. The company has over the years helped thousands of data companies and cloud developers to detect, protect, and respond to cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities. That is why you can trust their free ransomware file decryptor to recover your ransomed files. The tool comes pre-built with decryption keys for more than 25 different types of ransomware. What’s more, Trend Micro has a special ransomware support hotline that you can call for technical support.

Emsisoft Planetary Ransomware Decryptor

This tool is specifically designed for decrypting the planetary ransomware. You can download the Emsisoft ransomware decryptor from Emsisoft official website and then after installing it, download its detailed usage guide from the same site.

McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr2)

MR2 comes with two distinct installer details, one for 64-bit and the other one for 32-bit Windows OS. You need to know which OS your computer is using in order to get the appropriate installer. This tool is provided as-is by McAfee Software. Users are required to abide by the company’s Royalty-Free License agreement during the download, installation, and file decryption processes. The installer comes with a built-in uninstaller that gives you the option to uninstall the software in a single-click once the decryption process is over.

Seqrite Free Ransomware Decryption Tool

Seqrite is affiliated with Quick Heal, an India-based cybersecurity solutions provider that has existed for the last 2 decades. You can trust Quick Heal products because the company is the only USPTO-patented Indian Anti-Ransomware technology. It gets better than that: The Seqrite Ransomware Decryptor comes with inbuilt data loss protection features.

Bottom line

Note that even if ransomware attackers do not steal your data, they can compromise important information and consequently precipitate unwanted financial losses and lawsuits. That is why you cannot afford to wait until they ransom your important, sensitive files in order to act. Be proactive by equipping yourself with an anti-ransomware security plan that includes backing up your data regularly, avoiding suspicious emails and spams, protecting your remote connections with VPN, avoiding public Wi-Fi, and always checking the authenticity of a website before downloading any software from it.