FROM THE FRONT LINES: Do you ship to Algeria?

Many, many years ago, I found myself in a heated argument as to whether Algeria was a state. Yes, friends, the person on the other side of the argument may have thought of Alabama or Arizona instead, but back in the days before Google it took a trip to the nearest bookstore for an atlas to prove that Algeria is in fact a country on the other side of the world. For all those who think the sad state of education is a recent phenomenon, I would point out that this was back during the Reagan years.

Recently, one of our chat operators intercepted a slew of calls from people in Africa asking to buy different items. It’s not clear why those items aren’t available in Africa, but let’s just take it as gospel that they aren’t. And it did bring up the question of where will ship.

In general, we will ship to the US, Canada, Mexico, and outlying islands off the US coast. For the most part, shipping beyond that point requires customs approvals that we’re just not prepared to get. We specialize in serving our friends here on the North American continent, that’s the big takeaway.

Some items like cell boosters and satellite equipment, in fact most electronic equipment, cannot be shipped outside the US unless it is specifically approved for use in those other countries. It’s the governments of those countries that are to blame, not US regulators. Everything that transmits any sort of electronic signal, whether intentionally or unintentionally, needs to be approved by the governments of the countries where you want to sell it. Antennas have no ability to transmit so they are safe.

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