FROM THE FRONT LINES: Wi-Fi with 1000′ range?

So you have a big backyard. A really big backyard. If you want to blanket all your land with Wi-Fi, the best option would be to put a network of outdoor access points. This will create a common Wi-Fi network as large as you want. But most people don’t have power 1,000 feet away from the house and getting power there can be a drag. Even in a best case scenario you’d need a fairly large solar array with a battery to power these things 24/7. That’s not always ideal.

Officially, there’s no product that is going to guarantee you to get Wi-Fi a thousand feet from the router. But there is an option that might get you close. No promises of course, but our Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-LR is a long-range wireless access point that’s as powerful as they come. The unit has adjustable power settings and if you face it out the window in the direction of the area you want to cover while cranking up the power, you might just get there. No promises of course, because at that distance your Wi-Fi reception is going to be affected by a lot of other things, but it is possible.

I’ve personally tested one of these and found that I did get slow but passable Wi-Fi at about 700 feet. That’s a far cry from 1,000, but at 700 feet I was entering an area with a lot of trees, going downhill, so I wasn’t able to test further than that. And this was at the normal power setting – I didn’t even have to crank it up.

So, if you have a building that far away from the house, the least you can do is try it. That’s what our techs say, anyway.

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