Get your Cell Phone to Work Virtually Anywhere

We’ve all been there – in a basement or office where your cell phone just won’t get a signal. And of course, it usually happens at a time when you are expecting an important phone call. Or maybe even your whole house or office gets little to no quality reception. A few years ago, there was not much you could do about it. Maybe pay a fee to break your contract with one carrier to switch to another – or consider moving! Not anymore. There are several effective, affordable (starting from just $199) ways to improve cell phone reception.
Extend. Repeat. Boost. Sounds like a work out plan, right? Maybe, but they are also terms that can mean getting better cell phone signals.

We at Solid Signal came across these products originally because of poor reception we were getting in an office space. Yes, there was some skepticism at first. But both boosters and repeaters are effective ways to increase cell phone reception. You can check out some reviews and info about Wi-Ex boosters here – Wi-Ex :: zBoost Signal Boosters

It’s estimated that 35 percent of cell users have trouble with cell phone reception in their home or office. Let us help you get the right product to meet your needs – send us an email at Solid Signal Contact Us