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“What’s the best CB antenna? And is it compatible with my existing CB radio system?”

The techs in our sales department get these two questions a lot. In most cases, people have been using the same CB antennas for years and years. These antennas are built to last, but after all that time in the elements, they can get overcome by corrosion. After using the same antenna for a decade or more, now these folks have to get a new one. Some of them end up on Solid Signal’s website where they find a wide variety of CB antennas. It all might seem confusing, and it’s only natural that they have questions. Fortunately, Solid Signal is here to help clear things up for all CB radio enthusiasts who need a new antenna.

CB Radio: Some History

The “CB” in CB radio stands for “citizens band.” It’s a system of short-distance radio communications on a selection of 40 channels in the 27 MHz (11 m) band. It doesn’t require a license, and can be used for business and personal communications. CB peaked in the 1970s, where it was used by over-the-road truck drivers. These tough-talking truckers developed almost an entire language of CB slang. Much of the terms, such as “Papa Bear,” “Bear Trap,” and “Blue Light Special,” referred to police patrolling the highways.

While CB isn’t used as much these days, it still has its hardcore fans. In that regard, it’s a lot like ham radio. CB still has its enthusiasts and not all of them are over-the-road truck drivers. Some people who own RVs use them because it’s easier to talk on a CB while driving than it is to text. There are even some people who have a CB radio in their homes. When any of these CB fans need to replace an antenna, they call Solid Signal. Our expert techs will recommend the one that’s best for you.

The “Best CB Antenna?”

First of all, there’s no such thing as the “best CB antenna.” There several different types of CB antennas, each with its own specific purpose. The goal is to find the antenna that’s best for you. This depends on a handful of factors that we’re happy to share with you. This will help you make the most informed decision when you need a new CB antenna.

Since CB radio waves are long but travel far, you ideally want a long CB antenna. If you’re mounting that antenna on your vehicle, it can’t be too long or it could smack into low-hanging obstructions. Ideally, you want a monopole antenna, which is pretty much a straight up and down piece of metal. Most CB antennas are monopole antennas that look like a more robust version of car radio antennas on most vehicles.

CB Antenna Connector? Or Mount?

When it comes to getting CB antennas, you need to know whether yours has a connector or a mount. This is important to know to make sure that your new antenna is compatible with your existing CB radio. Simply put, if you can connect the antenna to the radio, it’s compatible. Whether or not you can do this comes down to whether you need an antenna with a connector, mount, or both. Let us explain…

A connector passes signal while a mount is a firm attachment point. Generally speaking, there are three types of connectors. There’s the PL-259 aka the UHF connector, which is used for CBs with an SO-259 jack. Other CB antennas attach to the radio using a threaded connector, which is another type of connector. Lastly, there’s a third type of connector called an NMO mount or “new Motorola mount,” which is also a mount.

One of our most popular CB antennas, a heavy-duty model used on trucks, features a threaded connector. Solid Signal also carries a variety of NMO antennas from Browning, Larsen, and other top manufacturers. It’s the same with our selection of CB antennas with PL-259 connectors (also called UHF connectors). How your old antenna mounted to your vehicle will determine which one you’ll need to replace it.

Your CB Antenna Source

Do you need a CB antenna? If you’re looking for “the best,” we can help you. Our techs will help you find the CB antenna that’s best antenna for your installation. After reading this, you should have a much better idea of what type of CB antenna you’ll need. If you still have some questions, our techs happy to answer them and provide a product recommendation. All you have to do is call us at 888-233-7563. You’ll get the help you need so you can continue conversing with the friends you’ve made over the airwaves.

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