Has RV season started?

Let me help you out here. RV season is whenever you want it to be.

Now friends, I’m not usually the “let it all hang out” type. Never have been. And I like the idea of “seasons.” Baseball season gives way to football season, and then depending on your preference you have basketball or hockey to hold you through until the next baseball seasons. Seasons help us understand our place in the universe.

20th-century thinking

If you think of “RV Season” you probably think of the late spring, until the late fall. A time of year when kids might be off school, the temperatures are milder, and there’s little chance that a big RV is going to encounter weather that makes it undriveable. If you’ve been part of the RV lifestyle for a long while, outfitting the RV for a trip around Easter and packing it up around Thanksgiving probably sounds about right.

But friends, that’s 20th century thinking. Here’s why.

More Americans than ever are living in Southern climates. I don’t blame them, especially this time of year when they’re already seeing tons of green grass and we’re up here dealing with grey April days. If you’re a Southwesterner, you think of the winter as the nice time of the year and the summer as the time you definitely don’t want to go out.

Today’s RVs are also more reliable, and less likely to break down due to extreme cold or extreme heat. On the other hand, spring is a time in some states were gas and diesel prices spike. (I know I don’t have to tell you that right now.)

So when is RV season then?

Like I said, that’s your decision. You may be a year-rounder, following the good weather from place to place. For you, every day is RV season. On the other hand, you may be the sort who really only takes the RV out when the kids are out of school. For you, maybe RV season is only in the summer, except for a little bit of time between late November and late December.

Of course, it also depends on how you have your RV outfitted. We’ve all learned over the last few years that many people can work from everywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, really. If you can get those things into your RV, there’s literally no time you can’t be out on the open road. Which is sort of my point.

The best internet service for your RV

There is one way to get fabulous internet practically anywhere. I’m talking about the “stream anything you want,” “no freezes on Zoom” kind of internet. The kind of internet that leads your coworkers not to ask questions like, “Is that the real beach behind you, or a Zoom background?” Truth is, we might not want to give the real answer to that question.

The perfect internet scenario is a 1-2 punch of two devices that work perfectly together.

This is weBoost’s Drive X RV cell phone signal booster. It’s a one-time purchase that will last you many years. Install it yourself in your RV and it will give great cell signal to up to 8 devices at a time. Cell signals will be amplified over 10,000 times giving you the clearest calls, the fastest data, and the the overall best connection. For about half the price of one premium cell phone, it will outlast the next three phones and give you great service now and in the future… even with nationwide 5G.

This is the GOTSPOT. It’s hands-down the easiest hotspot you’ll ever use. It translates cell signals it Wi-Fi that you can use to run streaming boxes, laptops, security cameras… anything you need. It’s one of those “just works” devices you’ll wonder why you ever lived without. You can choose a really generous data plan for a very low price and get all your work done from literally anywhere with cell service. No one even needs to know

RV Season is NOW. Here’s how you get started.

If you’re ready to turn your RV into a year-round paradise or even just a plush home-away-from-home, you’ll want these two devices. There’s only one way to get them. Shop for them at Solid Signal… follow the links above. If you have questions, call us! We’re here during East Coast business hours for all your questions. We also offer free tech support after the sale! We believe in real, old-fashioned customer service. Don’t believe me? Call us at 888-233-7563 and find out for yourself.

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