Here’s why your RV needs a cell booster

RV parks aren’t in the middle of the city. They’re not generally where lots of people congregate. Oh, I’m sure there are some suburban parks, possibly because they started out in rural areas and the sprawl caught up to them. But, if you’re going out to see this great land of ours, you’re probably going to seek out those parks in the sticks. That’s part of the fun, right?

Don’t even pretend you left your phone behind.

You may be on a long trip to relax, but you didn’t leave your phone behind. People just don’t do that anymore. Today, we expect connectivity all the time. Mount Rushmore may be awesome, but it’s not going to impress anyone unless you post a picture of yourself looking at it. You don’t want to wait, you want to do that “now.”

When you settle in for the night, it would be great if you used an antenna for tons of free TV. Some folks do that and they’re very happy that way. But there are going to be other people who want to stream. That’s ok too, but what if the forested RV park gets really bad signal? You don’t want to be halfway through the latest show to come to HBO and then be unable to finish it, right?

That’s why you need a cell booster on your RV.

A mobile cell booster like our weBoost Drive Reach Fleet Version is the perfect RV accessory. It’s the most powerful booster we’ve ever tested for mobile. It’s also extremely tough, and the fleet version comes with a permanent mount antenna that’s much better for large vehicles.

A cell booster like the Drive Reach mounts permanently to your RV. You can hard wire it right into the 12 volt power system. Once it’s there, it will let up to 8 devices get great cell service inside the RV. It’s typical to see data speeds go way up, and phone calls get crystal clear.

As long as you can go outside and get one bar on your phone, you’ll get great service in the RV.

The party starts here

If you’re the sort of person who goes to RV parks to make friends,  the Drive Reach is there to help. It works with all major US carriers, boosting voice and data signals. If no one else in the park can get enough signal to stream, you’ll be the hit of the party. Invite over a bunch of people to watch the latest stuff from Netflix or Hulu. Let people call or text home from your RV. You’ll be the most popular person for a mile in any direction.

Why? Because even while they’re out on the road, people want to stay connected. They don’t want to leave it all behind. The ones who say they do are probably just trying to smile because they don’t have good cell service.

Really, with an RV purchase getting close to 6 figures, it makes perfect sense to spend under $500 for something that will eliminate the fear of missing out. Enjoy the open road, but don’t worry… you’ll still be able to find out what’s going on in the world.


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