How can you increase cell signal in a concrete apartment building?

Floridians, I’m talking to you. If you live in the Sunshine State, you know that concrete block construction is very common. Between strict building codes designed to protect people from hurricanes and a relatively affordable housing market, concrete block construction is very common. Florida builders have found ways to make it look far less “institutional,” so even relatively expensive buildings are made of this humble material.

There’s only one problem: concrete block is very good at blocking radio transmissions of all types. It’s dense, it sometimes contains metallic minerals, and the blocks themselves are thick. This ends up being a problem for, well, literally everyone. Why? Because cell phone reception is blocked as well. You can solve the problem with Wi-Fi calling, but that means giving every visitor access to your home network. There’s a better way.

Let’s talk about cell phone signal boosters

You may have heard about cell boosters. They take signal from outside and amplify it massively. Then it’s rebroadcast inside. They also take the signal from your phone and pump it out nice and strong to the closest cell tower. They’re the solution for this very problem.

People with concrete block homes have specific needs. They may not want to drill into the blocks. They may not even be able to without getting the landlord upset. The good news is, there are still options.

Option 1: Giving boost to one apartment

If you’re in an apartment or condo building, you may choose to do something about this problem yourself. Cell boosters are easy to self-install and all you need is the right equipment.

Consider this weBoost Home Multiroom cell booster kit. it’s designed for easy installation and most DIYers can do it in an afternoon. The outdoor antenna can mount on any vertical surface like a tripod or even a terrace railing. It comes with everything the average homeowner needs but for your use, you’ll want two more things.

You’ll want this little flat RG6 cable. With it, you can feed the cable through a window or door without damage. It’s so slender that you can close the window or door right up. You’ll also want a short length of extra cable to go from the door or window to the antenna. These two parts are very inexpensive and definitely worth it.

Better cell service for everyone

If the building owner is up for it, there are ways to blanket an entire building with great cell service. A small number of antennas are used to make sure that every carrier tower is covered. Industrial-quality cell booster systems can provide access to great cell service. An unlimited number of users can be part of the system, too.

We can design a system for virtually any size building. A single system can support up to 100,000 square feet, and a building can use multiple systems.

The key is designing something that works for you. Usually our estimators build the cost of design into the quote when you get it. The quote includes all the work it takes to figure out the best system for you.

The experts you need on your side

Whether you need a booster for yourself or for everyone in your building, there’s one place where you can go. The team at Signal Group is here for you! Shop at Solid Signal for the individual cell booster you need. We can also custom design and install a cell booster system for the entire building. Call us at 888-233-7563 for more information! We can help you choose the right option and even recommend the right option for you. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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