How tall should your antenna tower be?

Here at The Solid Signal Blog we’ve talked a lot about antenna towers and why you might just want one. I get it, you never thought of yourself as a serious hobbyist. Still you might just want a tower to make sure you’re getting the best possible signal  for your antenna, satellite, and cellular equipment. You may not know what tower you need, so let’s ask: How tall should your antenna tower be?

Tall enough to see the sky…

That’s sort of the “pat” answer, and it’s actually sort of true. Your antenna tower needs to be tall enough so that it’s higher than homes, trees, or other local obstructions around your home or building.  The whole purpose of an antenna tower is to give your antenna a clear view of the sky. Keep in mind that a tree or building can absorb as much as 90% of the incoming signal. If you’re going to all the trouble of putting up a tower it should be tall enough to do the job.

…but short enough to avoid problems

If you’re going to go higher than 50 feet, you really need to be aware of what’s going on around you. You actually may need to get permits for any tower depending on where you live, but certainly a tower taller than 50′ is going to require extra work.

  • You may need a permit from your city or town
  • You may need to put up “anti-obstruction” lighting to keep low-flying planes safe
  • You may need to add guy wires in order to keep things stable, and that may mean pouring more concrete pilings
  • You may not be able to put up the tower at all depending on local laws and ordinances.

You absolutely should be looking at all the options if you’re considering a tower that you can’t install by yourself. Honest, the last thing you really want is for that tower to fall down in a strong wind. It won’t just fall on your building. It will probably on your neighbors’ buildings as well.

Questions? Consult the experts!

You have a friend in the business with Solid Signal. We have tower experts on staff who can advise you on costs, and shipping. They’ll give you some idea what parts you’ll need. Some of our towers are sold as complete kits, and others are sold completely custom. Our team can help you know if there is an off-the-shelf solution. If not, they’ll get the perfect quote just for you.

Even if you never thought of yourself as “a tower person…”

With your TV, satellite, or cellular antenna mounted nice and high, you’ll get crystal clear reception and never miss a thing. It’s worth it because this isn’t just your entertainment… it’s your life.

Give our team of experts a call at 888-233-7563 and get started now!

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