How to have the tough conversation with your boss about cell boosters

It’s hard sometimes to get your ideas heard in the workplace. Some places, like Solid Signal, have excellent communication policies and you can go to your supervisor with suggestions and ideas. Others, including many I’ve worked at, have dusty lucite suggestion boxes that haven’t seen any action in over a decade.

Offices need cell boosters

I talk a lot about cellular signal boosters on this blog. They’re an amazingly helpful thing that most people don’t even know about. I mean, think about it. Your phone is your gateway to the world. I guarantee that nearly every day you go somewhere with marginal cell reception. This is even true if you work from home.

It’s also true that you don’t keep your phone in your pocket when you’re at work. Oh, company policy may say that you have to, but I’m certain that you use it on company time. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

A cellular signal booster solves two main problems. It gives great cell service in the office for guests and management, and it helps keep employees from taking tons of bandwidth by mooching off company Wi-Fi.

You may not be the decision maker in terms of adding a cell booster to your office, so here are some ways you can have that tough conversation with the person who is.

1. Cell boosters are good hospitality

If your business has guests at all, you need a cell booster. Regular walk-in customers aren’t going to want to connect to your Wi-Fi and you don’t want them to anyway. You don’t need them sucking up your bandwidth. If you aren’t a retail store, you still have guests come in for meetings. You offer them coffee and drinks, of course. That’s just good hospitality. Why not also make sure they have good cell service? If you’re trying to sell something to someone, they’ll benefit from a good impression. Even if they’re trying to sell you something, good cell service will help them feel at home and that’s going to help the conversation.

2. Cell boosters conserve bandwidth.

You might not be aware that your company pays a lot more for internet than you do at home. You might be able to get 100Mbps internet for as little as $40 a month if you’re bundled, but chances are your company is paying more like $200 a month for that same service.

Businesses take it on the chin when it comes to internet for two reasons. First of all, because they are bigger and spaced further apart, the cable company charges each business more. Generally pricing is based on how many customers can be served by a specific node, and those nodes are placed a fixed distance apart. Fewer customers on the node means the cost to each customer is higher.

The second reason is that companies usually opt for dedicated bandwidth. If you pay for 100Mbps service at home, the cable company doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it 24/7. They do make that guarantee to many business customers.

So, with internet service being expensive, the last thing a business owner wants is a lot of people clogging up the internet watching cat videos. Convince them that the best thing to do is get employees and guests off the company internet, and the best way to do that is by providing good cell service.

3. Cell boosters pay for themselves over time.

A cell booster install for a medium-sized business will be a little bit expensive. I won’t try to hide that fact from you. Larger areas require larger amplifiers and more antennas. Depending on the size of the business, your boss could end up spending in the mid four figures. You’ll need to know that information when you go in to talk to them. Get the information you need by calling us at 888-233-7563 and getting a free estimate on the cell booster system you need.

Once you know the cost, you can work out the best way to convince them. Cell boosters always pay for themselves over time, but you’ll need to know how much time you’re talking about.You’ll also need to find out how much an internet upgrade would be. Here’s an example:

If you don’t put in a cell booster, instead relying on the company’s Wi-Fi, your boss could need an upgrade to 500Mbps service. Let’s say this costs another $300 a month. Yes, believe it or not it could.

Let’s also say the cell booster system of your dreams costs $3,000. Again, it could. Industrial cell booster systems cover a lot of area reliably and they are priced accordingly.

So in this example, the booster pays for itself in ten months. After that the boss is actually saving money by putting in that cell booster. It’s a pretty compelling argument.

Get all the information you need from Solid Signal

At, we sell all the major brands of cell boosters and we can help improve cell service in virtually any size space. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about one person in a small car or a large enterprise in 100,000 square feet. There’s a solution for you and your business. You can shop for the system you need, or call the experts for a recommendation. That number is 888-233-7563, or if it’s after East Coast business hours, fill in the form below and one of our experts will get back to you!

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