How to subscribe to Solid Signal’s YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel,, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials, podcasts, product reviews, and much much more. We add new content every week! Would you like to know when new content is available? It’s easy! Just follow these steps. They might look a little different if you’re using a browser other than Google Chrome, or if you’re on a phone, but the basic parts are all still there if you look for them.

Step 1: Go to our channel.

Use the link above, or type to go to our Youtube channel.

Step 2: Choose any video and watch it.

Go to any of the videos you’ll see and click on it. Start watching it.

Step 3: Select the Solid Signal logo.

Put your mouse over the Solid Signal logo at lower right, or tap on the Solid Signal logo at lower right.

Step 4: Click or tap the SUBSCRIBE button that pops up.

Step 5: Go to Settings.

Click or tap on the three lines at the upper left of the screen. All the way at the bottom is the “Settings” icon. Click on it.

Step 6: Check your notification settings.

Click or tap on “Notifications.” Make sure that “Get Notifications in this browser” is SELECTED and that the button to the left of it is blue. You may get a popup at top that says “ wants to show notifications.” You need to select “Allow.”

That’s all there is!

I know that seems like a lot of steps but it really isn’t. I just went into a lot of detail so that you know exactly what you need to do. Once you have this set up, you’ll get a popup on your screen whenever there’s a new video to watch!

About the Author

Stuart Sweet
Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.