How to Work Remotely from your Boat

In this crazy world we’re living in today, the idea of getting away from it all and never looking back sounds more and more tantalizing. Unfortunately for most of us, truly getting away from all of it is a bit more than we can handle. For one, there is work to maintain. Friends and family are an additional reason.

But imagine if you could just physically disappear for a while. Perhaps onto a boat. You’re already working from home anyways — who says you actually have to be at home? What if you were able to be productive in your home away from home?

Working remotely from your boat is far from impossible. In fact, it is quickly becoming a reasonable way to stay connected from afar. Though many people may not think they could be productive from a boat in the middle of paradise, with the right technology it is completely possible!

The Rise of Remote Work

The fact of the matter is that long before the COVID-19 pandemic started, more and more employees were looking for flexible schedules that included telework. In fact, some experts estimate that remote workers will become the majority before the end of this decade. If anything, the pandemic spurred along a growing movement — companies that are already adapting will be ready for the future of business.

Working from a remote space isn’t always easy though — even if it is on your boat out in the middle of a lake. Some employees are finding it harder to communicate with others remotely or are struggling to either get motivated or separate work and free time. Employers are typically worried about the same issues.

There are a few ways to improve home office spaces such as by adding a bit more outdoors and natural lighting. On a boat, these are far from concerns as you are typically surrounded by the outdoors. However, setting up your space for productivity will be important to your long term success.

Getting Set Up

Perhaps the most significant issue to getting set up in your boat is to be sure all of the technology will work. The Internet and the ability to check email or attend virtual meetings are the most important things for most employees. Fortunately, acquiring these things from a boat is more realistic than ever before!

Of course, there are plenty of other things you’ll need to get up and running from a remote location. You should communicate with your IT staff to work out any issues before making too many plans. For instance, they can provide information on whether or not you’ll need a VPN, how to protect your private work information, and what you should do if your WiFi goes down.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to be productive even if the WiFi goes down for a short period of time!

Taking the steps to make sure you are set up with the right technology can make or break the dream of living on and working from your boat. After all, the goal here is to prove you can be just as productive in an awesome location so that when people start returning to work fulltime, you can still be enjoying the view from wherever you’re currently anchored.

Remote work is becoming more and more mainstream in our society, especially with the rules and social distancing measures put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Getting set up to work on your boat is more of a reality than you might think. With the right bits of technology, you will be well on your way to successfully working from wherever you want to be!