Does IP control work for your DIRECTV receiver?

IP Control. It’s gotten a lot easier since we published this article three years ago. Driven mostly by the advances in DIRECTV’s app for smartphones and tablets, it’s become very common to control your DIRECTV receiver using Wi-Fi. There are a lot of apps that do it, and it’s built into most of the new home automation systems.

But recently, I’ve heard of people who all of a sudden lost the ability to control their receivers this way and had to drop back to using a plain old remote. For those folks, that must seem like a real drag.

Yet, I haven’t heard anything from you, my Solid Signal Blog faithful, and that makes me wonder. I mean, you’re some of the smartest and most loyal DIRECTV customers out there and yet I don’t hear any of you complaining. Is it because you think it’s just you, or maybe you’ve read some of the same articles I have? Is it because you’re not as fond of IP control as some of the people out there?

If you’re using IP control for your DIRECTV equipment, leave a comment below. I’d like to know more about what you’re going through and if there’s a problem now and there wasn’t before. I’ll take all this input and send it over to some friends I have at DIRECTV and we’ll see if we can get this licked!

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