Is it true? Is all DIRECTV equipment over 10 years old?

Every so often, when talking about cable vs. DIRECTV vs. DISH, you hear some rumors. One of them is that all of DIRECTV’s equipment is old, that it’s all beat up, and that you should expect to get something unattractive even if you are a new customer. Here’s the real truth.

Most DIRECTV equipment is new

When you get equipment from Solid Signal, such as dishes, remotes, signal meters, and the like, it’s going to be new. That equipment isn’t reused from customer to customer.

However, we like all AT&T dealers are subject to their rules for receivers, DVRs, and clients. AT&T doesn’t make a distinction between new and refurbished receivers, it’s just that simple. The refurbishing process is very extensive, sometimes including replacing the outer shell of the device so it looks completely new. Everything is tested and checked over and over again so you can feel confident that it will work when you get it.

For the most part, the Genie DVRs and clients you get will tend to be either new or recently refreshed. The client boxes do last a long time since there’s very little in them to break, but most of the time you will get a C51, C61, or the 4K C61K which have all had a lot of demand in recent years. That’s led to a lot of manufacturing.

H24 and HR24 are likely to be a little older

The DIRECTV H24 and HR24 are the go-to devices for upgrading older marine and mobile installations. They were DIRECTV’s last devices with a full set of video and audio outputs, and the last that can work without a SWM multiswitch. That’s important to folks whose satellite equipment is a decade or more older. They’re the perfect choice for upgrading an existing system, but you do need to know something.

The H24 and HR24 production run was completed sometime in about 2012. Every H24 and HR24 in service today was built during that time frame. That’s why they all carry the older DIRECTV logo, not the AT&T globe.

That doesn’t mean you have cause to worry. As I said these receivers are very extensively checked at an AT&T refurbishment center. Where necessary, parts are replaced even hard drives. Also, DIRECTV took in a massive number of these devices when they started aggressively marketing Genie hardware starting in 2013. That means they haven’t needed to build new ones. Even taking out the ones that do inevitably fail, there’s a good supply in the pipeline

How to make sure you get a good receiver

When you get a DIRECTV receiver, DVR, or client from Solid Signal, first give it a once-over. It’s very rare that something comes in with cosmetic issues, but it does happen once in a great while. Take a look and make sure that you’re satisfied with the look of the device. It’s much easier to swap out a receiver once it’s activated.

The next step is super-important. Call us to activate the receiver at 888-233-7563. Don’t call the folks at AT&T and don’t try to activate online. If we activate the receiver for you, we can help you if there’s a problem after activation. If you activate with AT&T, and you run into a problem, they may make it hard for you to get that device replaced. It’s worth taking a moment or two on the phone to get it right.

The whole point is, Solid Signal is here to help. We provide the kind of customer service that the big call centers can’t. We’re here to take care of the rare problems that come up, and we’re anxious to help!

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