Is there a “wireless TV amplifier?”

Here’s a question that came from our customer service reps in our Novi, Michigan call center:

I want to send my TV signal wirelessly from one room to another. Is that possible?

This is actually a pretty sensible question. The answer, though, is a little more complex.

The basic answer is “no but.”

You can’t amplify the TV signal and rebroadcast it in your home as you would with a cell booster. However there are two decent options which may serve you.

Wireless HDMI

This is a technology that’s been around for about a decade. It never got popular enough for the price to start to drop, which is why it’s still really expensive. Using one of these devices you can transmit HDMI signals from room to room. It’s generally more expensive than running a long cable but it can be done.

Stream to your mobile device or streaming box

Something like Antennas Direct’s streaming adapter will let you put your antenna’s output over Wi-Fi and use free apps to get it anywhere in the world. However, it’s limited to over-the-air content.

Why isn’t this more common?

The answer is simple… the internet. Twenty years ago we were all little islands of home entertainment. We had our physical media and we were all responsible for finding our own ways to enjoy it.

Today the media landscape is different. Movie libraries aren’t found on shelves, they’re in digital lockers that you can watch everywhere. Music has moved to streaming so completely that you don’t even hear about the “Billboard top 40” anymore. Artists only care if they’re trending on Spotify or Apple Music. Actual purchases of physical media are nearing all time lows.

No matter what you want, chances are you can get it by streaming it off the internet. You can even subscribe to a live TV streaming service and replace your cable subscription if you want.

And if you’re not one of those lucky ones?

I get it. There’s a whole group of folks who don’t get great internet at home. They’re happy if they can pull a paltry three megabits. They don’t stream to their phones unless they’re visiting someone. For those folks who still want to distribute things from room to room, the best option may be some sort of modulator. Yes this ZeeVee modulator is expensive but it will let you take four HD video sources and put them on one wire that makes distribution easier. Pair it with Wi-Fi-based remotes for your gear and you’ll have what you need. Or, as I said, use Wireless HDMI if you can. The hope is that you’ll get some love from major internet service providers soon and that you’ll be able to stream to your heart’s content.

If your local ISP isn’t moving fast enough, you might want to think about a satellite-based internet solution from Solid Signal. Just fill out the form below and a rep will respond, usually within a day. Satellite internet is easily 10 times faster than DSL and much less expensive than you think. Check it out!

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