It’s time to install that dish heater now, before it’s too late.

Yes, I nag you about this every year. I tell you that dish heaters are a great investment and that you really should install one now. And yet, every year I get questions from people in January about how to keep snow and ice off the dish.

I’ve heard plenty of stories about people reaching out with brooms, and even those who throw hot water on the dish to get ice off. Let me be absolutely clear here: Don’t do that.

Do this instead

Just get a dish heater. This one works with pretty much every satellite dish in use in US homes. It installs easily and you don’t even have to take the dish off the roof. It’s designed to work on the back of the dish but really it also works on the front just fine. The difference with a front install is that you don’t have to take the dish off the roof, install, and realign the dish.

Dish heaters are easy to install. it’s easiest if you can do it before the dish goes up, but even if it’s already in place you can put it on. The heater itself goes on the reflector (the “dishy” part) but because it’s all connected, the whole dish warms up. As I said, for the best appearance you would want to take the dish off the roof and install the element on the back, lining up the holes in the heater with the mounting points on the dish.

Trust me it makes sense.

If you live anywhere snowy at all you’ll want a dish heater. It will work to melt snow and ice when it’s cold and not use any excess power when not needed. It works safely using low-power wiring so in case of a real natural disaster it’s not going to create any problems.

Think of it. When there’s a winter storm, that’s precisely the time when you want to have all the information available. The internet gives you a lot obviously but there’s some stuff that really only makes sense with a live broadcast. That’s the time for a satellite dish.

Not only that, but if you’re stuck in the house you’ll want to be entertained. You’ll want to use that satellite TV to help pass the time. If it’s covered in snow and ice then it will be no good to you at all.

So, pick up a dish heater from Solid Signal today. Most people will use this model. People who still have round dishes unfortunately are out of luck because the heater for those dishes went out of stock some time ago. Bookmark this article, because you’ll want to watch this video I did a few years back on how to install one. It’s not quite the same model that’s used today but it’s very very similar. As you can see this one was mounted on the front of the dish and it’s worked perfectly for years.

Do those wipes work? Isn’t that a better bet?

You’re probably referring to Dome Magic wipes, which Solid Signal has sold in the past. They contain a water repellent similar to Rain-X. It helps rain slide off the dish and not stick. It does the same with a light snow but it won’t work to keep inches and inches of snow off the dish.

What are you waiting for? Get a dish heater from Solid Signal now!

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