Learn how to filter your DIRECTV guide

It’s easy to get lost in the thousands of channels of progamming on DIRECTV. You can find yourself scrolling for days through channels you don’t care about in languages you don’t understand.

Luckily there are two excellent ways to cut down on the clutter, and we’ve created helpful video guides for both.

Favorites Lists
The most common way of looking at stuff is through a favorites list. With a favorites list you can see just the channels you’re interested in. The other ones are still there, you just don’t see them in the guide. If you search for a program and it isn’t in your favorites list, it still shows up.

Setting up favorites list for the first time is a little work, but when you have one, it’s very easy to add a channel to it.

Guide Filters
You can tell the guide to show you only sports, only news, or other main categories like that. Press the {GUIDE} button twice and you’ll see a category list. It’s temporary and when you go to live TV and back to the guide you’ll see all your channels.

With just a little bit of effort it’s easy to get just the channels you want and find the things you want to watch extremely easily!

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Stuart Sweet
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