This little splitter could be your best friend

Not a lot to pay for a lot of benefit. This little Skywalker splitter is an essential part of many DIRECTV installations, because it’s the least expensive way to split your DIRECTV signal before going into a multiswitch.

It’s easy. You must have a non-SWM DIRECTV dish such as the Slimline-3 or Slimline-5. Run each of the four lines into one of the splitters, then run the lines from the splitter into two separate multiswitches. Voila — where you used to be able to feed one multiswitch with 26 tuners now you can feed two multiswitches with 52 tuners! It works with any multiswitch.

There’s only one important thing to remember… you must feed the same port on both switches from the same splitter. In other words, if you connect the line from one splitter into the 13V input on one multiswitch, you must also connect it to the 13V input on the other multiswitch. If you are using a polarity locker, that becomes even more important. If you miss this step you’ll have a lot of errors on your TV screen.

If you need to use four multiswitches in the same location, use this 1×4 splitter instead… but remember that by splitting the signal four ways you may need to add an amplifier. If you need to split a signal more than four ways, you may need to add taps and amplifiers as well, and that becomes more of a commercial installation. And remember, these splitters can’t be used in place of a multiswitch, they are only used to get the signal to the multiswitch.

For more information about splitting signals, check out our award-winning White Paper, The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading. It works for commercial installs too!

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